Monday, 8 June 2015

Replacing your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Accordingly, more and more Ottawa dentists are seeing individuals wanting to enter into a dental implant treatment. The reason being is, they can get back their smile and improve the health of their gums in the process. The methods that make this type of oral surgery possible have transformed from a long drawn out process that used to take 18 to 24 months in a single visit to your dentist.

The process has a few different names depending on what country one resides in. Some call it ‘All on Four Dental Implants,’ ‘Teeth in a Day’, or ‘Smile in a Day.’ The process is the same regardless of the name. What it entails is, in cases where there are many missing teeth, inserting four implants made of ceramic with a stem made of titanium, (the metal is non-corrosive), into the jawbone.

The next step is using a set of crowns and bridges to fill the gaps between the implants. The result is a new set of teeth with the implants as anchors for the bridges. Here in Ottawa there has been an increase in the amount of the patient’s wanting to regain the smile they once had when their teeth were healthy. When someone was decaying teeth, they tend to smile less and begin to change on a psychological level, i.e. loss of confidence and a lower self-esteem. 

Consequently, what makes this procedure possible in today’s world of Ottawa Dentistry, or anywhere else for that matter, is the advanced technology that is available by way of 3D imaging, which allows for a clearer picture of a patient's teeth, coupled with the mechanisms that help create the implants in the dental office. People here in Ottawa who have experienced a dental implant procedure show an increase in their confidence in addition to a rise in their self-esteem. Moreover, dental implants work for replacing any number of missing or decaying teeth beyond any normal restorative methods.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

No Real Reason to Fear the Dentist

People living in Ottawa who fear going to the dentist do so for many reasons, however, no matter how ill-founded they may be, the point is there is no longer any valid excuse because of sedation dentistry. This is not a case where they put you to sleep. It is putting you in a relaxed state that allows you to keep a high level of awareness of what is going on while you are in the chair.

This form of dentistry works very well on individuals that have a phobic reaction from misplaced fears. In some, this condition can reach a debilitating state causing the person to avoid any contact with a dentist. Naturally, this poses a health risk because of what can manifest if the person’s teeth begin suffer severe tooth decay.

Are you a candidate?

Admitting that you are afraid of something is not easy, for one reason or another. Nevertheless, dentists in Ottawa that use sedation are able to help minimize this fear allowing them to examine and repair the damage caused by decay. The sedation is performed using medications that will stop any associated pain and put you in a relaxed condition that helps to calm you.

Knowing that dentists in Ottawa have this capability, it should make going much easier if you suffer from such a phobia. This way both you and the dentist can ensure that, your oral health is intact. Furthermore, understanding that they can alleviate any associated discomfort should help you have a relaxed attitude and willing to have a dentist examine your teeth.

Identifying Symptoms of this type of Phobia

Understand first that this is a common condition and affects more people here in Ottawa and elsewhere than you might think. Some of the indicators are the inability to sleep the night prior to an appointment. Some people suffer of occasional insomnia because of stress and fearing a dental exam falls in this category. Another, aspect is the feeling of anxiety or nervousness.

This can lead to panic attacks in severe cases. There can be physical manifestations as well, such as not being able to act or function in a normal manner. Fear of anything is debilitating and fear of dentists is one such condition.

However, understanding that a person suffers from this condition is the first step in the healing process along with knowing that dentistry has found a way to help deal with this in sedation dentistry. Living in fear of anything in Ottawa can be detrimental to a persons health, and fearing the dentist is not something that should be taken lightly find a dentist that uses sedation dentistry today.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

One Day Dental

Everyone in Ottawa should have a great smile, and most of us do. However, there are some of us that have the unfortunate circumstance of having missing teeth or poor looking teeth, although not from a lack of trying. When missing or poor looking teeth affect a persons confidence and social life, it is time to consider fixing the issue.

Accordingly, we have all heard the horror stories about people here in Ottawa who wear dentures. While they can function as well as normal teeth, there are some aspects that can create discomfort and still have an effect on a person's social life. The biggest downside is, having to remove and replace the denture on a daily basis for cleaning and using a denture cream to help hold them in place during the time a person wears them.

Enter a new form of tooth replacement with implants. For years, the process of putting implants in, took a lot of work and took a long time to heal between surgeries. Today, because of advanced technologies and improved medical procedures this same process can be performed in a single day in a matter of hours right here in Ottawa.

The process is called ‘all on four implants,’ and it entails a groundbreaking new protocol for completely replacing persons teeth with permanent implants. With this no procedure your new set of teeth is straighter and stronger. The way it works is an implant specialist will help determine if the process is the correct move to follow in replacing and fixing whatever the dental issues are.

The benefits of getting this procedure are,
  • Improved ability to eat
  • Improved speech
  • More confidence and a better smile
  • The Jawbone is stimulated by the implants, thus negating bone atrophy and loss
  • The process takes less time to heal and is less invasive
  • Individuals that suffer from bone loss caused by periodontal disease are able to get this done.
If you are one of the many people, living here in Ottawa whose life is affected because of the condition of your teeth. It may be time to visit your dentist and discuss the possibilities of getting this procedure done. The way this works is, the dentist will remove the damaged teeth and start by putting four titanium implants, two in the front, and two in the rear.

While you are recovering from the surgery, a dental plate is manufactured and then permanently attached to the four implants. This process is repeated for both the upper and the lower teeth giving you a full set in a single day. Why wait talk to your Ottawa dentist or orthodontist today and a new set of teeth in a matter of weeks, depending on when you can schedule the procedure.

You can consult with Ottawa area one day dental implant specialist Dr. Saso for your dental implant and get New Teeth in a Day. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Dental Implants in One Day

As an option, dental implants are a viable way to remedy your dental issues. This means if you an Ottawa resident suffering with diseased gums, due to decaying teeth from poor oral hygiene, you are missing some teeth, but not all of them, or you want an alternative to denture plates. The process of implanting prosthetic teeth is something that you can have accomplished in a single day.

The material the teeth are made of is titanium, which has been in use for over a long time, as a material of choice for just this purpose. As nature would have it, human bone and titanium grow together as a tree, roots itself to the ground, building an almost inseparable bond over time. The term for this is ‘Osseo-integration,’ which, as it turns out, has an over ninety percent success rate for individual with good health who has the implant surgery in Ottawa.

While a single tooth is replaceable in a single day a whole mouth replacement will normally take anywhere from four to six months to complete the process. Because of the advances in technology and medical processes the discovery that the cohesion between implants and fixed teeth occurs directly after the surgery has given rise to a higher rate of implant surgeries here in Ottawa. This mainly due to the high success rate, more orthodontic surgeons have realized.

In a scenario where a single tooth needs replacing because of an inability to cope with a denture plate or because of getting chipped or broken. The process of replacing it takes as little as two hours. Once the patient goes into general anaesthesia, the operation takes one hour to implant the prosthetic tooth into the jaw line.

Albeit, the patient still needs to follow scheduled checkups with their Ottawa dentist afterwards, the point is that they have a natural look. The result is that the fixed implant facilitates quicker healing of the surrounding tissue in addition. Where a patient may need more than a single tooth replaced the process is a bit more complex, only because more work is involved.

Someone who is missing a number of teeth due to gum disease sometimes is reluctant to see their dentist for fear of needing dentures. If the denture plate does not fit well it can lead to further issues with oral care and gum disease. However, implants, on the other hand, will put these worries to rest.
This because your Ottawa dentist or oral surgeon will remove the issue of infected or decaying teeth that are beyond repair. They will first put anywhere from four or six prosthetic teeth in the jaw line as support for a fixed bridge. In addition, directly after the surgery, they will take an impression of the bite in order to construct a fixed bridge that same day.

The initial set of implants is temporary. However, the patient will have the peace of mind having a fixed bridge. After six months, this is so the mouth can heal a new and permanent set of implants will replace the first set. The permanent bridge copies the impression taken the day of surgery and is custom fit to the patient’s facial structure and jaw line.

The treatment for dental implants is a healthier alternative to replacing your teeth, either single or multiple, in place of wearing a partial or full denture plate respectively. Remember also, that even with dental implants it is still important to floss and brush at least twice daily to keep your gums healthy. If you have questions, ask your Ottawa dental professional for more information.

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