Friday, 9 January 2015

Dental Implants in One Day

As an option, dental implants are a viable way to remedy your dental issues. This means if you an Ottawa resident suffering with diseased gums, due to decaying teeth from poor oral hygiene, you are missing some teeth, but not all of them, or you want an alternative to denture plates. The process of implanting prosthetic teeth is something that you can have accomplished in a single day.

The material the teeth are made of is titanium, which has been in use for over a long time, as a material of choice for just this purpose. As nature would have it, human bone and titanium grow together as a tree, roots itself to the ground, building an almost inseparable bond over time. The term for this is ‘Osseo-integration,’ which, as it turns out, has an over ninety percent success rate for individual with good health who has the implant surgery in Ottawa.

While a single tooth is replaceable in a single day a whole mouth replacement will normally take anywhere from four to six months to complete the process. Because of the advances in technology and medical processes the discovery that the cohesion between implants and fixed teeth occurs directly after the surgery has given rise to a higher rate of implant surgeries here in Ottawa. This mainly due to the high success rate, more orthodontic surgeons have realized.

In a scenario where a single tooth needs replacing because of an inability to cope with a denture plate or because of getting chipped or broken. The process of replacing it takes as little as two hours. Once the patient goes into general anaesthesia, the operation takes one hour to implant the prosthetic tooth into the jaw line.

Albeit, the patient still needs to follow scheduled checkups with their Ottawa dentist afterwards, the point is that they have a natural look. The result is that the fixed implant facilitates quicker healing of the surrounding tissue in addition. Where a patient may need more than a single tooth replaced the process is a bit more complex, only because more work is involved.

Someone who is missing a number of teeth due to gum disease sometimes is reluctant to see their dentist for fear of needing dentures. If the denture plate does not fit well it can lead to further issues with oral care and gum disease. However, implants, on the other hand, will put these worries to rest.
This because your Ottawa dentist or oral surgeon will remove the issue of infected or decaying teeth that are beyond repair. They will first put anywhere from four or six prosthetic teeth in the jaw line as support for a fixed bridge. In addition, directly after the surgery, they will take an impression of the bite in order to construct a fixed bridge that same day.

The initial set of implants is temporary. However, the patient will have the peace of mind having a fixed bridge. After six months, this is so the mouth can heal a new and permanent set of implants will replace the first set. The permanent bridge copies the impression taken the day of surgery and is custom fit to the patient’s facial structure and jaw line.

The treatment for dental implants is a healthier alternative to replacing your teeth, either single or multiple, in place of wearing a partial or full denture plate respectively. Remember also, that even with dental implants it is still important to floss and brush at least twice daily to keep your gums healthy. If you have questions, ask your Ottawa dental professional for more information.

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